5 Trendy Ways to Promote Your App

19 Feb 2018

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At present, around 2-million apps are available in different app stores, including Google Play Store and other App downloadable stores. Obviously, in such a condition, promoting one’s own original app requires proper app promotion strategy. There are fierce competitions all around and getting one’s app recognized is a tough challenge as well.

According to the reports, the most apps get good views through advertisements such as Google search ad or display ad or app installation ad. Mobile app ad click rose by 32% last year itself. No doubt, for app developers, the sky is the limit now.

But what are the strategies an app developer should adopt to promote your app over the internet? Let’s find out.

Own Website and Domain

Every app owner of Switzerland should have an online presence. It not only boosts the credibility of the app but also leads to rising in its customer-base. Another benefit of having own website and domain is the fact that the app can be easily downloaded by clicking on the download link given on the website. As your website will go popular, the chance of downloads from the site will increase. This is a good way to let people know & promote your app, but this method is useful when your website is popular enough.

Social Media Interaction and Presence

Social Networking sites are imperative for promoting the various apps catering to different customers. Usually, social media connection takes place through either organic promotion or original source of traffic and paid social media promotion option. Interacting with users on reputed social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter does lead to an increase in social media followers. And if you have a large number of followers on various social media platforms, it will be easy for the app developer or app owner to promote the app using that network.

Another option is personally promoting one’s app on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and many more. It lets the message reach to wider customers worldwide in no time, if your personal account has a large number of followers. However, the app owner needs to invest some money to get is app’s promotion done in a meticulous manner because paid promotion is better than organic one to promote your app.

Press Interactions and Public Relations

These are the umbrella terms involving several aspects of media interactions. It includes a plethora of activities, including Press Release, Press Conference and guest blogging among other things. If you are a big name in the market, then launching your app using press release will promote it a lot.

Optimize the App Store

Optimizing App Store or App Store Optimization (ASO) is similar to the SEO of mobile app stores. Better the ASO, greater will be its impact on your App. Ideally, the App owner or developer should choose the app name unique with relevant highly searched keywords, and the app must carry the entire description of the app and its uses.

Make the app compatible with the latest mobile app platform

If your hired app development agency doesn’t make your app compatible with the latest OS, it may miss the audience using the latest OS. Along with this increasing the rating of the app on the app store will increase the user’s trust. Plus if the app developer should use the latest technologies and trends to make the app responsive, light and fast.

We are living in an era when users want only the best. They expect the superfast experience on the apps that they use. Also, an app should be easily compatible with both smartphones and PCs as well. Obviously, the sky is the limit for the app developers now. All that they need is astute app promotion and marketing of the same through different modes of communications depending on the object of the app relating to its target audience.