5 Tools to find the most relevant keywords for your business

22 Oct 2017

The online business recognition has become a necessary part of promoting one’s company so that the people can come to know about the products and services sold by the seller. For this, it is important to generate the traffic to the website. The right consumer traffic can be generated according to business need only through the best keyword research tool. This will help in the listing of the company on the first page of Google Search Result and reach out to global consumers. Here are top five tools that will support the business in finding the finest keywords for the seller’s business:

SEMrush Tool

This keyword research tool is best for one’s business as it provides short and the long tail research keyword. It also gives information on the keywords for generating the organic traffic as well for the PPC. The tool renders data about the competency level of the keyword, CPC AdWords price of the specific keyword, the best phrase or nearest keyword to choose if another keyword has higher competition and much more.

Using Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is actually used for advertising but the businesses can use it for searching the organic keywords and customize according to the competitive needs. The Google Keyword Planner will help in determining the level of keywords that one has to target, monthly search, Ad group ideas, competition, etc. In case, the company is looking forward to doing PPC and SEO together then they can use Keyword Planner to target the keywords and generate organic traffic on the site.

Uber Suggest Tool

This keyword research tool is available free online and helps the businesses in getting keyword suggestions. It provides reliable data as it is collected straight from the Google and other keyword suggestion site. Moreover, the results are quite realistic and help in the growth of a business. This is a good tool for startups that are looking forward to budgeted use and the individuals who are practicing SEO or running their own websites.

Powerful Google Analytics Tool

The Google Analytics is the most popular and dominant tool used by the SEO amateur and the veterans in finding the best keyword matching one’s business. This tool is available free, but it provides monitoring the demographic metrics of the website, phrases used by users to land on the page of the business website, an insight of best-performing keywords, provision of long tail keywords, etc. The Google Analytics gives more precise and relevant results as compared to few other tools.

Moz Keyword Explorer Tool

This is also an easy-to-use tool that provides a comprehensive link to keywords, brand research, social media marketing, etc. This tool helps in discovering the earlier keyword, filtering the query and prioritizing the keywords. The Moz Keyword Explorer helps in sorting out the keywords into different categories according to requirements of the business. This also tells about the Potential and Opportunity Scores that makes it perfect for choosing it for one’s business.

To conclude, it can be seen that these five top tools help the businesses to know about the right keyword that will help in generation of traffic as well as the promotion of the website. This will also help in the growth of online business.