Cloud Based Hotel Management System

20 Mar 2018

The Sanctum Suites Apartment Hotels are just what they sound – furnished apartments with great room service! They are present at two great locations in Bangalore – at Whitefield and in the BEL road. Given the luxurious rooms with amenities such as complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, laundry services, television, a mini-kitchen, etc. coupled with the great locations close to the very happening tech parks, the suites are always booked!

Keeping up a track record of customer satisfaction with an eye on the revenue became particularly difficult for the hotel administration, especially with outdated hotel management systems. In case of power outages, the minute lapse of time between the electric appliances going off and restarting with the power from the generators sometimes resulted in a loss of data, because the servers hadn’t backed up the most recent data.

With repeated hotel bookings and customers requesting for more rooms and expansion of the hotel, space was also becoming an issue.

How the Sanctum Suites got these tiny issues fixed?

The administration took it upon themselves to follow the latest trend in hotel technology: cloud-based systems for hotel management. They approached InSwiGo, upon a recommendation from a customer who cited it to be one of the best website development company in Lausanne. With our help, they set up a system that proved advantageous in the following ways.

1. Cloud Space For Hotel Management Software

Since a cloud-based hotel management system only requires on the computer and a strong internet connection, the Sanctum Suites were able to convert the extra space previously occupied by the IT infrastructure into beautiful and habitable rooms.

2. Adapting the New Technology & Updates for Hotel Management System

Frequent updates in the software of the traditional management systems were avoided by setting up a cloud-based hotel management system.

3. Maintenance of Hotel Management System

Since it requires just one computer, maintenance, as well as the costs it incurs, were greatly reduced.

4. Usability of Hotel Administration Software

All functions required by the hotel administration could now be performed with just one platform. Every staff personnel is given access to only the required functions based on their position with respect to the hierarchy based on security clearance.

5. Easy Accessibility & User Friendly

The platform could now be accessed from anywhere, a mobile phone, tablet, etc.

By setting up a cloud-based hotel management system, The Sanctum Suites Apartment Hotels made it very easy for their administration to manage the hotel. Cloud-based systems have seeped into all industries, so why not hotels? Cost-effective, easy-to-use and risk-free solutions to hotel management, cloud-based systems are here to stay.