Attachment a poetic machine connected to a website

24 Jan 2017

Last year, our Designer and Art Director, David Colombini, finished the new version of "Attachment" his personal artistic project at the Royal College of Art in London together with product designer Thomas Grogan.

Attachment is a poetic machine which allows people to send digital messages, images, or videos into the air by attaching them to biodegradable balloons.
This fully automatic machine gives physical form to the digital messages you can send via the website. First, it engraves your message onto a thin piece of balsa wood that is connected by a string to a wooden clip. A balloon stock conveyor belt is then activated to place a balloon above a helium valve that automatically inflates it. Finally, a simple two-piece wooden clip seals the balloon, which is then released into the air where it will travel haphazardly to a random recipient.

The update of the website: was developed closely with our programming team at InSwiGo.
As new feature, you can for instance discover the interactive map of all the found balloons. 

The project was recently published on Creative Applications and Arduino Website