Attractive Looks or Security: What is Important for a Website?

23 Nov 2017

Websites are an important part of the business so they need to look appealing in order to engage the audiences. On the other hand, the security of the website is also a paramount thing. However, in today’s challenging environment and changing technology the security and the attractiveness of the site matter the most. If the decision is to be judged on the first impression, then the great visual design is mandatory.

Why is Website Security Important?

Website security is significant in order to keep the hackers and cybercrime at bay. This will help in preserving the important information. Here are some of the vital points why a web development agency of Switzerland should focus on website security, especially for the sites where monetary transactions occur or the site has some kind of user's data like user’s account credentials, card details etc.

  • Save the End-users: If there is any malware noticed on the company’s website, then it can directly affect the user’s sites as well. They may not be able to access the website and may end up losing personal information too. This can further end up business losing the valuable customers.
  • Secured Transactions: The consumers are worried mostly about the safe transactions so that they do not end up losing their money. If one has an E-Commerce based website, then the secured payment gateway is of paramount significance.
  • Change the Passwords: After the development of the website, the web developers provide the owners with the username and password of the backend of the site. The owners of the website can change the password that consists of 12 plus character long password, complex or unique passwords.
  • Possess the SSL Certificate: Presently, it is highly recommended to implement the SSL certificate as per the guidelines by the Google. It creates a safe connection between the web server and the user’s web browser. These are helpful in saving personal information, credit/debit card transactions, data transfer, and security logins.

Why We Need an Impressive Look for the Website?

In order to create an amazing first impression on the users and generate traffic, it is significant to have a great looking & mobile responsive site. It is suggested for the companies and individual sellers to create customized websites. Let us have a look at few points that describe the importance of having good looks for the website.

  • Branding: For the promotion of one’s brand, it becomes mandatory to have a good looking website. This will attract a large number of returning visitors if the website has aesthetic appeal, proper navigation and search options, special offers for the user, etc.
  • Influential designs: Nearly 94% of the influence comes from the amazing designs and graphics of the websites. This makes the users come back and visit the website repeatedly in order to find out newer products and services. So the web development agencies in Switzerland should focus on web designing part for the client’s sites.
  • Increased Profit: The more traffic on the website and the conversion of the leads will help in generating profit for the business. This will increase site’s usability, and the owners will be able to get the better return on their investments.

Finally, it can be said that the security and good looks go side by side since both assist in running a great business. However, in order to maintain the trust of the users on any online business, it is mandatory to possess the online security.