Automate Personalized Marketing & Treat People Like People

19 Apr 2018

Marketing operations refer to those sets of tasks that are repetitive and mundane, such as sending e-mails, managing social media profiles, etc. It’s great to automate them and reduce menial tasks, but sending a message to the wrong audience can cause a disaster. Hence, personalized marketing. Here’s how to do it right.

Implementing The Right Personalized Marketing Tools

To provide perfect personalization, you will have to collect consumer preferences and organize the data. The next step would be to analyze this data and match messages with customers. For this, you will need a tool that can collect, record, organize and understand a vast amount of data.

Data Gathering Through Automation

We have established that you need to perform the gathering of data through your automation tool. A smart way to do this is to allow the tool to gather information on viewer behavior from all your marketing channels and then create a database. You can also personalize your sign-up form.

Personalized Emails For Better Conversion

The database you have created should be properly segmented before you perform this step. You can classify based on age, ethnicity, shopping preferences or even the weather! Once you do, create personalized messages. Make sure that your tool can insert the name of your prospective viewer before you send it out.

Track sales Using Personalized Marketing

Your emails should definitely have CTAs. Make sure your software can track the number of consumers clicking on emails. Marketing and sales are lengthy processes and businesses need all the help they can get. Automate your strategies and spend your time on more productive tasks.