E-Commerce Site: Which CMS Platform Should You Choose?

28 Jan 2018

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The E-Commerce Industry is on the verge of expanding as the year 2018 is going to witness 50% growth of the digital buyers. The number of online buyers in Switzerland and across the world is growing extensively so it becomes important to possess responsive websites. E-commerce companies must seek the support, functionality, extensions, cost of development and maintenance of the website. They must choose best functional CMS platform wisely so that they do not have to face any difficulty. Let us now have a look at some of the popular CMS platforms, and one can choose that deems fit for their business.


It helps in building the E-Commerce website on the WordPress platform. The WooCommerce is an open-source platform that provides varied plugins for the E-Commerce websites. It works well for the small business houses or the individuals who are familiar with functions of WordPress. And WooCommerce is quite popular among the website developers of Switzerland working with Wordpress.


Let’s see some pros and cons of this plugin:


  • No requirement of powerful server.
  • Easier Setup helps the site developing process less complicated and quick.
  • Low priced themes and add-ons available
  • Integration with the mailing platforms


  • Does not suit mid-sized or large businesses. This is a big drawback of this plugin. If you want to build a small e-commerce store with small number of items, then WooCommerce is ok. But for big e-commerce sites WooCommerce is not capable of handling large amount of items.


It is one of the best CMS platforms used in today’s time, according to web designers and developers in Switzerland. Nearly, 21% of the world’s top companies are using this open-source platform. It has a large number of extensions and plugins available, and it even helps in adding new functionalities too. It also has lesser developmental and maintenance cost.


  • Availability of large number of marketplace extensions
  • Platform for high-level of customization and functionality
  • SEO- Friendly as compared to other platforms
  • Highly-Scalable platform
  • Easy Integration with mailing platforms


  • Complex for small business houses
  • Smaller servers can cause speed and other CMS platform related issues

Drupal Commerce

Drupal falls on second place after WordPress as a CMS platform in terms of popularity among site development agencies for building an e-commerce sites. The Drupal Commerce is the plugin for designing the E-Commerce based websites. It is simpler to build a forum or blog with Drupal as compared to other Content Management Systems.


  • For content marketing and blog integration, Drupal CMS platform works well over other platforms
  • Easier Implementation of the SEO strategy


  • Its support community is not active and smaller than Magento or OsCommerce


This CMS platform is used by top 11% of the companies worldwide. The OsCommerce has a great support base, as it is one of the earliest open CMS platforms. Top 100,000 sites are built on this open-source technology. Few users are of the view that the updates for this platform are not kept abreast with the passage of time.


  • Large support base and an active forum
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easier installation
  • Allows the additional functionalities as it has numerous add-ons and plugins


  • The designs and the software updates are found to be outdated by most of the users

There are a number of hosted and open source E-Commerce platforms for designing catchy online business websites. Many CMS based platforms help the sellers to build a seamless website. The business owners should choose the platform wisely that fits finest according to their requirements and budget. In general, comparison states that Magento is the best CMS that work greatly for most of the online businesses. It is widely used with nearly 58.23% users overall and fits best within the budget of the business houses.