WordPress Websites OR Custom-Built Websites?

28 Nov 2017

A remarkable website makes a great impression on the visitors & it helps in the growth of the business. The internet users like the aesthetically appealing, the sites with quick loading time and the brands offering special offers. With the advancements in the technology and the availability of open source platforms, it becomes difficult to choose the templates.

Most of the companies are not able to decide whether they want to choose the Customized websites or the WordPress websites. There are few points that the companies have to keep in mind while choosing the right platform that includes requirements, budget, size of the company, etc.

Choosing the WordPress Based Website

Every company looks forward to providing enriched user-experience in order to gain more customers and traffic for the E-Commerce website. The dilemma of choosing the correct platform is prevailing in the today’s time. Here are few points that will help the people to decide on opting for the WordPress based Websites:

  • Budget: The startups and mid-sized companies or individuals can opt for developing budgeted WordPress websites. This will help them to save some bucks for maintenance and further development of the website according to increasing requirements. One can use CMS based platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal for making a good site suitable for easy changes as per the suggestion of Digital Marketing agencies in Switzerland.
  • No Botherations: The static or template based WordPress websites come with fewer limitations like for the security updates, the addition of plug-ins, etc. If the owner knows about it and still does not bother than it is handy to choose this platform. This will help the owner to gear up their work quickly and they can start their work with simple blog or brochure site.
  • Built-in Functionality: Many WordPress themes come with many functionality consisting of multiple gallery options, SEO, the option of changing the visual or front-end look, responsive designs and much more.
  • Availability of Sophisticated Templates: The existing WordPress sites have sophisticated templates and with a little bit of coding they become ready-to-use for the companies.

Opting the Customized Websites

The big companies prefer building everything from the scratch so they want the website development agencies to make the custom-built websites. These companies want quality and attractive websites that work according to their professional needs. Here are few points for opting for customized websites.

  • Budgetary Requirements: If the budget of the company is high, then they can opt for the fully customized websites. They can hire the best web design company in Switzerland that will provide them website support after its launch.
  • Clean Coding: The customized websites are built from scratch so they contain clean coding. It allows SEO Optimization, better indexing of page, faster loading of the website etc.
  • Easy Updating of the Websites: The custom-built websites allows easy updating of the websites. As these websites are made from the scratch, so the developers keep an eye on maintenance and development of the websites.

To conclude, it can be said that the owners can opt for the platforms for their website by seeing the above-cited reasons. The beginners can go ahead with the WordPress websites and the big companies can choose the custom-built websites in order to support their online business growth.