Facebook vs Google Ads - which is better for you?

19 Oct 2016

When we talk of paid online advertising, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are the 2 mediums that come to mind. Both offer you the ability to pay to reach a targeted audience, and you are charged when someone engages on your ad. People are now allotting as much as 30% of their total advertising budget for online advertising, with small firms doing digital marketing exclusively to promote themselves. So how do you decide which one is good for your business?

With Google Adwords, you are targeting the section of people who are actively looking for information related to what you may be offering – often triggered by what they are searching. You get an immediate influx of traffic and may lead to faster sales. Cost-per-click for such ads are usually higher. Also, a large portion of the people who click on your ad will not be the correct target audience – as yours was the first result but it was not what they were looking for.

Google Adwords may trigger ads based on user preferences, but Google doesn't know people like Facebook does. It can't see what users "Like" or "Follow", nor can it see the users social behaviour.

The Facebook ads creation process is different from AdWords. You target people's interests rather than their search phrases. You're targeting people based more on who they are than the information they're looking for right now. Further, Facebook CPC is usually way lower than Google Adwords.

So which one should I use?

Well, it depends. If your target audience is clearly defined and you have a B2C product that has great visuals, Facebook should be your chosen medium of advertising. Facebook is also good if you are looking to re-target the same audience. If you are looking for direct sales, Google is a better option. Google also works better for B2B products and local businesses.

To conclude, we suggest using a healthy mix of both Google and Facebook Ads for your business to maximise ROI. Consider experimenting with both platforms, and see which one meets your needs the best.

PRO TIP: Start with Facebook first, before Google Adwords.