Why FMCG Industry in Drifting Towards Digital Marketing? Inswigo

23 May 2018

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Digital Marketing is altering the landscape of the marketers in all places and especially in case of FMCG company. Campaigns and advertisements for all the FMCG products depend upon the strategies to determine the combination of 4P’s and the 4P’s (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion) will have a better influence on the customer’s purchase decisions.

Nowadays, consumers are highly exposed to laptops and mobile phones than other traditional marketing sources like newspapers, television and so on. Most customers prefer to opt for eCommerce Website while buying FMCG products instead of visiting a physical store. According to the present report, it’s estimated that around two-thirds of the total sales are highly influenced by Digital Marketing. Now, let’s have a look at how digital marketing can benefit FMCG brands.

How is Digital Marketing influencing FMCG brands?

Digital marketing not only helps in capturing the consumers for buying their products, it also aims at developing a mutual relationship between the marketers and the consumers. While marketing with the help of online marketing has varied advantages, and that’s why FMCG companies are adapting to it.

By incorporating digital marketing, the FMCG Company’s products can be distinguished, and it establishes a unique brand identity. It develops a strong trust and opinion about the product and has a superb influence on the buying decision. Thus, FMCG companies are going for unique designs and creative advertisements in 2018 to market their products.

Why is Traditional Marketing Taking a Back Step in FMCG Marketing?

In the traditional marketing of the FMCG product, displaying your products is regarded as the prime concern since it has the direct influence on the purchase decision. Consumers prefer appealing and innovative designs since they are visual creatures. Thus, developing the attractive design will improvise the chance of becoming a popular brand. Hence, in 2018 FMCG plans to concentrate on the attractive and innovative designs to popularize their brands.

In the field of marketing, increasing ROI is also one of the main motives of all the companies. Preferring digital marketing instead of traditional marketing has various advantages. The prime advantage is that you can avail every possible outcome in digital branding, and the overall effect is more than traditional marketing. FMCG brands spend more sums on television commercials, radio ads, newspaper ads, and hoarding. However, the outcomes from these sources cannot be predicted effectively. Moreover, there is no possible way to reach the desired conclusion. On the other hand, digital marketing helps to measure and track every progress easily. Thus, FMCG planning to adapt to online promotion means rather than traditional marketing in order to review its every progress.

Here are some FMCG Digital Marketing Techniques

? It aims at developing a strong community with the help of social marketing. FMCG focuses its view on generating user-centric contents to satisfy all the users.

? It also aims at strengthening its digital presence with the help of unique designs via the social media.

? Influencer marketing and continuously engaging with the consumers is being adapted by Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector to increase their profits.

? Drip email marketing and utilizing online resources are some of the strategies adopted by FMCG sectors in the digital marketing world.

Overall, for increasing their profits and improvise their brand popularity among the consumers, FMCG sectors are adapting themselves towards digital marketing instead of traditional marketing techniques. Definitely, this offers them a unique identity in the business circle.