A thought about Green web

02 Nov 2016

Thanks in part to fantasies marketed through terms like "the cloud" , most people perceive the huge quantity of bits required to fuel our digital lifestyles as immaterial. In fact, they consume an ever-growing physical space and eat up a massive amount of energy. According to Mark.P Mills, the internet will soon be responsible for nearly 1 billion tonnes of CO2 or 10% of global electricity usage.

However, some companies are currently undertaking research and some have already found some solutions, such as building their Data Centres in cold countries (like Iceland or Norway) or as Microsoft, setting up small storage centres deep in the ocean. In both cases, the aim is to eliminate the need for fans by naturally cooling down the server, whether using cold air or cold water from the surroundings. With this process, excessive energy consumption can be prevented.

Meanwhile, GreenPeace has published interesting research called "clickingclean" comparing data centre operators and web services companies in terms of digital carbon footprint and putting pressure on the least ecological companies to reduce their energy use.

At InSwiGo, we are conscious of this growing issue and are happy to share some ideas proposed by the website serving.green to make sure the digital products we propose are eco-friendly:

Business Owners

  • Use green hosting for websites and apps
  • Work with a sustainability advisor
  • Consider joining the B Corp movement

Designers and Developers

  • Discuss data usage with your clients and colleagues
  • Use less code and create clear page budgets
  • Review page bloat on older websites and applications