How AI and Machine Learning Are Changing the Digital Industry

30 Apr 2018

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It’s not enough to create the right product, you need to find the right customer! And that’s where AI excels. With the increase in Digital Transaction, Digital World is the place where you can reach your target audience. Here are some ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are influencing marketing.

Consumer Behaviour Analytics

Data is nothing if it's not analyzed. Many platforms now collect consumer data, from direct interaction, to predict future behaviour patterns of the consumer. It is predicted that consumers will soon hand over their purchasing decisions to bots that already have a record of their preferences, likes, previous searches, etc.

Collecting Data From Other Tools

Collecting insights from different channels help predict an all-around picture of the consumer. Instagram is one such channel. The use of Artificial Intelligence in understanding different data sets is already underway and is expected to develop in ways we can now only imagine.

Content Creation Using Artificial Intelligence

An example of content creation is how an e-commerce website displays similar products to the ones you have already searched. AI is being employed to tailor dynamic content as per the consumers’ preferences. Another example of AI-based content creation is WordSmith.

Lead Generation Using Artificial Intelligence

It’s similar to the tools used by a recruiter, say like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Tool. AI can not only generate leads from a database, such as a social network but also predict how ‘hot’ the lead is. With so much development in AI, one can only imagine how it will change the future of marketing forever.