Improve Security and Customer Service using Data Analytics

28 Dec 2017

Many organizations across the globe collect customer data in order to know about their preferences and expectations from the business houses. It helps the companies to improve their customer service. Data Analytics is widely used in this area in order to maintain the long-lasting relationship with the company’s customers.

This helps in building the customer loyalty. With the collection of data from a large number of audiences, there comes the responsibility to secure it. The Big Data Analytics is used by nearly 20% of the companies whereas another 50% of the companies are using various other forms of Analytics approach. The Data Analytics ensures safety and integrity of the customer’s information. These essential four ways will help the companies to improve the customer service and security by using Big Data Analytics:

1. Identification of Consumer’s Problems

Most of the companies have accepted that they are able to understand 12% of consumer’s viewpoints towards their businesses. The business houses should put in more effort to understand the pain points of the customers. This will help them to build great relation with their consumers. They should understand their requirements from the business house, the expectation from provided products and services, sorting out problems through proper customer support services and concerns related to prices offered by the company.

2. Creating Personalized Experiences

The product and services based companies should be ready to provide custom-made shopping experiences to their customers. It is necessary to connect with the audiences via the mobile devices to send personalized messages, exclusive offers, loyalty programs, awareness about the new products and services and creating conversions at each step. Mobile Marketing helps in sending the messages to the consumers about the special offers, offering one-day coupon codes for purchasing products. The businesses can do this by checking the relative points:

  • Profile of the customer
  • Predictive Analysis of shopping behavior
  • Interests
  • Attitude towards shopping experience
  • Loyalty Data towards the particular business house

3. Creation of Full-Proof Security System

For safeguarding the data of the consumers that can be stored in the terabytes in the company’s database it is necessary to create firewalls. The Big Data Analytics helps the companies to build the strategies to secure their data. The advanced analysis will help the companies to build enterprise security. This will keep the hackers away from the stored data of the customers. The upgrading of the algorithms by using latest technology can also avert any kind of intrusion.

4. Checking the Frauds on the Websites

The Big Data Analytics applies some advanced solutions to detect the frauds committed on the business websites. It can be in the form of

  • A Bad IP address
  • An intrusion by changing the contents of the site
  • Introduction of Bugs
  • Unusual timing of logging in and out

Data Analytics is providing the analytic solutions that identify risks and detect the fraud in real-time. This will help in preventing any kind of manipulations or hacking of the consumer data.

To conclude, Big Data Analytics is helping many organizations to build cordial and warm relations with their customers. This puts an impact on the consumers and drives them to buy the things from the particular company.