Key Trends to Consider While Developing Mobile Apps

16 Jan 2018

Mobile apps have become very popular with a large number of people all over the world using a Smartphone in their daily life. Apps of all types and subjects are available for download by the mobile users. The app developers have made advancements to develop new apps with a high innovation, creativity, and excellence. There is an increased competition among the mobile app developers of Switzerland as well as across the world as people rely on their smartphone to do the tasks related to their personal and professional life.

It is essential for an app developer to know the latest trends in app development so that they can stay ahead in the competition and continue to make interesting apps for the mobile users. Let’s discuss 6 key trends to consider while developing a mobile application.

1. App Security

Security is the foremost factor in developing mobile apps. The development agencies should ensure that the app they make are safe for the users and protected from cyber attacks, viruses, malwares etc. Any type of lapse or carelessness in the security can cause damage to the data of the app. The apps should be made to go through the security test so that its safety can be assured.

2. Using Cloud Technology

Using cloud technology for making mobile application is a trend now and very useful for the mobile users. It helps them in using the apps from multiple devices of different kinds. The mobile apps should be developed in such a way that it can be synced in several devices with ease using the cloud. It helps in taking benefits of the same features and functions on other devices as the app used on a mobile phone. E-commerce apps that are used on a phone can also be used on a tablet, and this is beneficial for a business.

3. Using A Good User Interface

The android and iOS app developers of Switzerland have to consider the user interface of the app while developing it. Different types of user interface elements and features are used when the same app is made for the web and mobiles. Follow the correct user interface guidelines for apps made for Apple phones and Android phones. Make proper widgets and icons on the app. Also, include the menu.

4. Android Instant

Android Instant is one of the top trends in app development that allows a mobile user to run the android apps immediately without the need for downloading and installing the app.

5. Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence in app development is the key trend in the app industry. It includes features like virtual personal assistants and loT. It is beneficial to use the app development technology to make Intelligent Apps.

6. Digital Mobile Payment Apps

Making apps with the features of digital mobile payment is a top trend with people preferring to make payments through apps on their phones. This has lead several mobile payment apps being developed worldwide. Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay are just a few examples of successful payment apps being used by the public. Make the mobile payment app safe for the users so that the financial transactions made on the app are secure and safe from the risk of leakage of data and loss of important information by the means of cyber attack and other online frauds.