The power of video as marketing tool

21 Sep 2016

Using video as a marketing tool can make the difference when it comes to presenting your business or ideas. It especially becomes a powerful tool when you need to explain in a short and creative way your new project, app or service.

Indeed, a video has the advantage of movement, providing the possibility to mix a bunch of different techniques and render (3D, 2D, animation, infographics, film footage etc) while being easily shareable across the world using the power of social media.
Also, let's be honest, it looks much cooler than simple print!

The best thing about videos is that with the evolution of web technologies, it has now become much easier to integrate high-quality videos into your website, using a custom player or service like Vimeo.

At InSwiGo, we love creating videos. We have professional video makers and editors - with skills in 3D graphics, 2D animation and film footage - within our design team. And of course, our web developers will enjoy helping you find the best technical solutions to integrate the video on your website.