Top 7 Real World Applications of Internet of Things

06 Feb 2018

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the buzzword now. It is gaining worldwide exposure and fame for its utility. It involves a wider variety of devices ranging from smart homes to wearables and other items. With each passing year, IoT is becoming an integral part of us. Now most of us want to operate daily appliances that could be connected to the internet.

Electronic wristwatches or smartwatches and traffic lights are kinds of IoT that will get a massive exposure in the next few years. The use of IoT in daily lives is likely to touch 30-billion by 2020. The consumer segment is likely to get the greatest share of the internet of things installed devices.

So what are the top applications of IoT in this world?

1. Smart Residents: Smart homes or residents are on top of the IoT application that will make massive use of Technology in the coming days. The total amount of funding in IoT and applicable devices has already touched $3-billion mark.

2. Wearables and Smart Watch: It is the newest trends, and the youths love it. All smartphone-related works or activities can be easily performed using the watch. The world-famous company Apple was the first to launch the Smart Watch followed by other brands, including Samsung, Motorola and other products.

3. Smart City: In the last few years, technology is engulfing us in such a manner that even the government is planning to launch the Smart City scheme soon to give a massive impetus to the government’s urbanization drive across the world. Automating Traffic signals and Traffic Management System is of paramount importance for the smoother flow of commuters from one place to another and also to reduce the level of chaotic traffic jams on streets.

4. The Use of Industrial Internet: It refers to a particular segment that requires wider use of IoT for greater impact.  These days, industry’s working is becoming more challenging and tough. Through the use of proper connectivity and IoT applications, the industrial challenges could be tackled with ease.

5. Connected Cars: The reputed UBER or OLA is the best example of connected cars. These cars are connected to one another by way of IoT and other advanced networks.

6. Smart Retail Trading: Retail trading is also getting a makeover now. Smart Retail trading includes enticing advertising and research studies on demand and supply cycles that help entrepreneurs carry on their smart retail trading activities without any break.

7. Health Segment: In the next few years, the health industry is likely to get a massive boost. IoT is extremely useful for health industry and related works. Use of advanced medical devices and surgical tools performs well with IoT connectivity and technology.

No doubt, IoT is likely to empower industries and our daily lives with better devices and technology. The future of IoT will certainly see the light of the day and the millions of devices existing today will work faster and efficiently sans any human intervention leading to better productivity.  The Internet of Things is set to redefine the way we live and do our work in future.