Smart Insight Into Top Social Media Marketing Changes in 2018

08 Jan 2018

The online business houses are escalating their investments in Social Media Marketing because of its increased usage in the present times. Some Popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. continuously carry out the updates. This makes compulsory for the marketers to keep abreast with the latest developments in the Social Media. As predicted the expenditure on Social Media Marketing would increase beyond $35 billion. Here is the list of some of the social media marketing changes that will take place in the year 2018:

Increasing Popularity of Instagram

The Social Media platform Instagram has 800 million active users with 25 million and more businesses present here. More than 200 million users visit the business profiles every day that will help the E-Commerce stores to focus more on conversions. The tagging of the products was done in the post that is seen as the fruitful beginning for the online businesses. If the business owners focus on their contents and analytics, then also it can prove a grand success. This will generate ample of business opportunities as well.

Increase in Cost of Social Media Advertising

The Social Media Marketing i.e Social Media Advertisement was found to be the cost-effective way to reach a large number of target audiences all at once. With the increase in the social media advertisers, the direct impact has been put on the cost of the social media ads. The year 2018 will witness an increase in the cost of the advertisements through social media platforms. Here are some of the statistics that proved the rising cost in all these years:

  • Digital Ads showed an increase of 12% per year
  • The year 2017 showed an increase of 74% in social media expenditure
  • Average CPC saw an increase of 136%
  • The Average CPM through Facebook witness the rise of 171%

Importance of Video Promotions on YouTube & Facebook

It is surprising to see that social media witness the video content more than the images and the textual content. An estimate states that video sharing on the social platform is 1,200% more than the written content.  According to the study, the following year will see 80% of the video content being shared by social media marketers. The reason for the increased sharing of the video content is that 95% of people understand the visual content faster than the written content.

Usage of Messenger Bots or Chatbots

The recent upsurge in the usage of messenger or chatbots will improve the brand experience and bridge the gap between customers and the marketers. The Social chatbots and AI will lessen the gap between the human touch and the automated responses. Here the marketer must remember that the chatbots and the Artificial Intelligence experience for the customers should be personalized. Therefore, these bots will help the companies in 2018 with

  • Increased Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Engagement
  • Mediator between live Support and the FAQs

Many social media marketing changes will be ongoing in the year 2018 but the marketers must apply the best strategies. This will help in increasing sales and reach out to a large number of audiences within a shorter period. Social Media Marketing will help in building the brand name and improving the products with customer feedbacks & engagements