Top Programming Languages for Web Development

25 Nov 2017

The aesthetically appealing and attractive websites catch the eyes of visitors. Mostly, the business should possess the functional websites with less loading time. The advanced web development techniques help in the creation of the mobile apps, websites, and other related platforms.

Web development involves constant upgrading of the site. So it requires the developer to use top languages for coding them. But a web developer needs to choose the coding language based these factors: server platform and software, budget of the project, database choice, and programming experience.

Here are four top languages used for web development 

1.    Javascript 

This is one of the dynamic programming languages used by the web development agencies in Switzerland as it is inclusive of editing of the content, controlling the browser, allows client-side scripts to have asynchronous and user communication. javascript is used for development of games and desktop applications also. This language is readily acceptable by all the browsers with some additional plug-ins that allow it to work flawlessly. It supports object-oriented and functional programming styles. It is used for following reasons.

  • This is a structured language with its syntax derived from C language.
  •  It could differentiate between expressions and statements.
  •  It supports anonymous functions and the functions, here are of first-class. These functions are objects too.

2.    PHP or Preprocessor Hypertext Language 

PHP is a web scripting language being used in Switzerland and other countries in this world. It helps in web designing of good performing & mobile responsive websites. It suits the server-side programming since many repetitive tasks are executed for development of the website. This is an open-source language compatible with UNIX and Windows-based operating systems.

This is the best coding language for development of web applications as it provides maximum functionality with minimal code. The popular CMS as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress is written in PHP. The E-Commerce platform Magento is also written in PHP.

3.    Python 

Python is an all-purpose programming language which is dynamic in nature as the developer can write and run the code without any need of a compiler. It supports code readability, as its syntax needs few linear codes to express the concept.

The reasons of popularity of Python as a top language among Website Development companies in Switzerland are:

  • The beginners can easily understand it.
  • The apps supported by Python include Instagram, Pinterest, & Rdio.
  • It supports many web platforms like NASA, Django, Yahoo, and Google.
  • Other features inclusive in this language are large library, automatic memory management, supporting the paradigms and dynamic system.

4.    Java 

Java is a widely used web development language that is a class-based, concurrent and object-oriented language. The Sun Microsystems developed the language in 1990. It has been rated as the most demanding language. It is used for the following:

  •  It acts as a standard platform for mobile, enterprise and game developers across the globe.
  •  The program written in Mac platform can run on Windows-based platform as it supports cross-platform coding.
  •  It is one of the robust and secure languages that has quickly gained the familiarity.
  •  It is capable of being executed and implemented for higher performance because it is easily interpreted and threaded.

Finally, it can be quoted that there are many scripting languages used widely across the world by the web developers and web designing agencies for development of seamlessly working mobile responsive websites. The web designers and developers can take the decision keeping in mind the cost-effective approach.