Track your Sales and Field Staff

01 Sep 2016

As technical providers, a lot of organizations approach us with a major challenge: tracking of sales and field staff. As the team grows, planning each salesperson's route and ensuring they stick to their defined route becomes a tedious task. For people who are on the field, monitoring their login and logout time becomes a challenge.

A simple solution to this is providing each member of the team with a mobile application that defines his route for the day, and tracks whether the route is being followed or not. All he needs to do is check-in when he reports to work. He will be able to see his defined route for the day, and the best routes he should take. He will check out at the end of the day, once he is back to his base.

A web panel is provided to the supervisor to upload the route for the day/week/month. The system generates intelligent alerts whenever something is not normal: such as a team member is offline when he is not supposed to be, is spending too much time at a point of interest or is outside the defined geolocation bounds.

At the end of every day/week/month, reports are generated showing the work wimings, distances covered, meeting times and exception reports. A brief report of each visit can also be added, along with any other information that might be required.

InSwiGo can customize this solution to meet your organization's requirements. Please Contact Us if you are interested in seeing a demo.