The trend of flat design in the age of web applications and mobile apps

07 Sep 2016

As pointed out in a recent article by Deezen, famous brands are updating their previously complicated logos to flat designs, to get rid of the old fashioned "drop shadow".

What does Flat design exactly mean? It is a minimalist UI design style used in various graphical user interfaces, with the added feature of the illusion of three dimensions.
Flat designs are fast emerging and most of the recently designed logos are also coming with a minimal version which can fit inside a square or circle ratio.
Consider the instance of the rebranding of Google, where they have decided to use the "G" (containing the 4 Google colours)alone, as their logo.

At InSwiGo we have started using only our pictogram logo without its typographic complement, thus increasing its visibility at the top of the screen.

Our design team has recently also developed a flat designed logo and corporate identity for two new companies based in Switzerland:

  • GliaPharm, a promising biotech start-up wanted us to come up with creative ideas to design the logo and identity of their new company. They wanted a minimal logo, representing their core activity and which is cross platform. We developed the logo, and added animation to it as well. Discover more about this design story here.
  • Competence+ is a team building company based near Lausanne. Click here to discover visually their logo and corporate identity as well as the Wordpress website.