Who will Win? Mobile First Website or Responsive Website

20 May 2018

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In the web design world, the responsive website and mobile-first web designs are actually the great buzzwords. But, they both are different to each other. Actually, responsive website design is a way to design and develop a mobile-first design. Responsive signifies the possibility of websites to adapt itself to various output devices. Based on the size of the browser, the font, image sizes, layout, etc. can get altered. This adaptation will enable good readability and usability on smartphones, desktop, and tablets.

Responsive web design came into existence a few years ago since 2012. The responsive behavior of the websites is not the latest thing. Nowadays, mobile-first is the latest buzz. Many of us may not know the actual difference between these two web designs. Just to make it clear, let’s have a look at some differences between mobile-first and responsive web design.

Mobile- First Web design: What You Should Know?

Mobile-First was actually the idea by Luke Wroblewski, and it aims at having a design for the mobile device first and then going for other devices like tablets and desktops. It’s the strategy or a new way followed while writing the code for website design. Earlier, a desktop website was formulated with few adjustments but nowadays websites are designed specifically by keeping mobile phones in mind. Planning a web design for mobile is quite different when compared to the desktop web design. And, this is because, in mobile-first web design, the focus is given to the content that you are giving to the user. Starting your design with the content will help you to find out other relevant fields to the user.

Usually, desktop browsers can incorporate amazing things and they can make even small things bigger and bigger. But, things which look fabulous on a desktop may look horrendous on mobile phones. Designing mobile-first website will develop your innovation skills since it allows you to think more about fonts, designs and so on. If you want your design to resemble similar in all devices, then you need to choose desired fonts and styles accordingly.

Responsive Website design - Is this what You Need?

If you are reading any content on the desktop website, just try the same thing by using mobile phone or tablet. You can observe that the contents have shifted itself to the mobile size and make it easy for you to read. That’s actually the responsive web design. Responsive web design was formulated by the Ethan Marcotte in the year 2010. Responsive web design is the way to adapt website layout designs to different resolutions by keeping device screen size in mind. Overall, it’s the best approach since you can create a single website that is responsive on almost all devices.

For creating a responsive website, various free frameworks like Foundation and bootstrap prevails. But, the main issue in these kinds of web designs is that it may take too long to load. In some scenarios, the above issue can be neglected if media queries are properly satisfied.

Conclusion: Mobile-First Vs Responsive Website!

Overall, the above-mentioned differences between mobile-first and responsive web design is a way of creating a mobile-first design. You need to spend lots of time and effort for creating and designing both web designs. Consult with Website Developers at Inswigo, if you are looking to develop your website in Lausanne, Switzerland