Full Time Coders

Want to outsource maintenance of your website or need full time staff to develop a project? You can contact us if you are looking for IT solutions and do not have any team out there to help you or your team is short of one or two men. We can provide full time coders dedicated to your business or project for a long and short period of time.

Why Us

We understand that running a business is not easy. It takes a lot of effort to manage IT operations, especially when you already have so much else to do. Our staffs are skilled and dedicated to their work. They can fit into any organizational culture, and can provide you with the much-needed IT Support. Hiring a full time coder from us gives you the benefit of having a in house coder with the experience from a website development service provider in Switzerland.

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What we offer

  • Short-term, full-time assignments or long-term on-demand consulting arrangements.
  • Temporary fulfillment within your organization on a contract basis, until a suitable full-time employee can be located, hired and trained to take over.
  • We provide a “second opinion” or “sounding board” that provides ongoing experience, objective insights and advice.
  • Assistance on a periodic basis, to update your strategy and plans, and consult with you on a deal-specific basis like considering a merger or acquisition, a strategic investment or other business critical decision points.
  • Off-site IT team that will sit in our office and work for you.

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