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Which is the Best Time to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

28 May 2018

Whether it may be well-established or a start-up company, you will realize at one point in time you need a professional digital marketing agency. Through examining your marketing efforts, website, and lead generations, you can conclude that your company is not getting the desired outcomes as expected. Customer reviews and lack of leads will make to re-examine and re-evaluate your digital marketing strategies. The logical conclusion

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Why FMCG Industry in Drifting Towards Digital Marketing? Inswigo

23 May 2018

Digital Marketing is altering the landscape of the marketers in all places and especially in case of FMCG company. Campaigns and advertisements for all the FMCG products depend upon the strategies to determine the combination of 4P’s and the 4P’s (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion) will have a better influence on the customer’s purchase decisions.

Nowadays, consumers are highly exposed to laptops and mobile phones than other traditional marketing sources like newspapers,

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Who will Win? Mobile First Website or Responsive Website

20 May 2018

In the web design world, the responsive website and mobile-first web designs are actually the great buzzwords. But, they both are different to each other. Actually, responsive website design is a way to design and develop a mobile-first design. Responsive signifies the possibility of websites to adapt itself to various output devices. Based on the size of the browser, the font, image sizes, layout, etc. can get altered. This adaptation will enable

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Don't Miss Out These Killer Ingredients on Today's Digital Marketing

18 May 2018

In the present world of marketing, popularity doesn’t have any impact on the sales of the product. Digital Marketing is becoming a game changer in every aspect of the marketing like other marketing techniques. Most companies aim to sell their products and to gain unique identity to their brand. While there are many services prevailing in the digital marketing platform, and it’s really difficult to determine which services (PPC,

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Grow Your Hotel Business with the Right Digital Marketing Agency

15 May 2018

Nowadays, advancement in the technologies urges the need for digital marketing for hotel business. For surviving in this changing world, it’s mandatory to satisfy the demands and needs of the customers in the market. Inswigo specializes in Hotel Promotion using the right digital marketing strategy. We provide a desired set of digital promotion services in order to make the company

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How AI and Machine Learning Are Changing the Digital Industry

30 Apr 2018

It’s not enough to create the right product, you need to find the right customer! And that’s where AI excels. With the increase in Digital Transaction, Digital World is the place where you can reach your target audience. Here are some ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are influencing marketing.

Consumer Behaviour Analytics

Data is nothing if it's not analyzed. Many platforms

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Artificial Intelligence Trends 2018 | Website Development Compnay Switzerland | Digital Marketing Agency Switzerland | Inswigo

Wondering What Next in Artificial Intelligence 2018

27 Apr 2018

The past year marked the beginning of a new era, one of AI, similar to the IT boom early on in the 21st century. Here are some Artificial Intelligence trends to watch out for in 2018. Stay tunes.. stay updated

Enterprises will revolutionize their operations with AI

Any organization that uses a chatbot is employing AI, though they may not refer it as such. This year predicts an increase in the investment in AI life cycles. Organizations are going to look for ways to automate products, processes,

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Automate Personalized Marketing & Treat People Like People

19 Apr 2018

Marketing operations refer to those sets of tasks that are repetitive and mundane, such as sending e-mails, managing social media profiles, etc. It’s great to automate them and reduce menial tasks, but sending a message to the wrong audience can cause a disaster. Hence, personalized marketing. Here’s how to do it right.

Implementing The Right Personalized Marketing Tools

To provide perfect personalization, you will have to collect consumer preferences and organize

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Social Media Marketing Tips to Scale up Your Business | Inswigo | Social Media Marketing Agency Switzerland | Social Media Marketing Agency in Switzerland

Social Media Marketing Tips to Scale up Your Business

15 Apr 2018

Be on top of Social Media to generate Leads for your Business. Well, in this blog we will discuss some tips to maximize results from Social Media Platform. Social Media Marketing is the best way to reach your target audience and grow your business. Choose the right Social Media Marketing partner in Switzerland to promote your brand.

Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity in Social Media

There is a mile of difference between quality and quantity. Being active on social

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RFID Based Asset Tracking System: Why You Need it?

26 Mar 2018

Asset Tracking System: It uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to locate assets. RFID tags take the guesswork out of Asset Tracking. These tags are attached to the things that matter most to your business, anything from computers to livestock. In turn, the RFID Tags broadcast the locations of these items.

How does Asset Tracking Work?

Asset Tracking works by placing a simple RFID Tag on your asset and then using a reader to fetch the location

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How Blockchain Technology Influences Hospitality Industry

22 Mar 2018

Blockchain Technology refers to the digital recording of transactions permanently for an extended period. The records are recorded in the form of “blocks,” and they are done in the form of cryptography. Once all the files are saved in the system, it cannot be changed or altered in any way.

The main advantage of Blockchain Technology is that the system of storing information is in a decentralized form which means data are stored in separate places altogether. This helps the data to be maintained

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Cloud Based Hotel Management System

20 Mar 2018

The Sanctum Suites Apartment Hotels are just what they sound – furnished apartments with great room service! They are present at two great locations in Bangalore – at Whitefield and in the BEL road. Given the luxurious rooms with amenities such as complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, laundry services, television, a mini-kitchen, etc. coupled with the great locations close to the very happening tech parks, the suites are always booked!

Keeping up a track record of customer satisfaction with an eye on the revenue

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Building Your Website As A Prominent Marketing Tool

24 Feb 2018

If you ask anyone “what is permanent in this world?,” then many would without hesitation say it is “change”.  Yes….change is taking place every day without any exception. The online marketing strategy also requires adapting to the new and latest technological trends if you desire to be Numero Uno among your competitors in the business. The e-commerce business is ruling the roost and thus the website designing has become a central point for attracting more and more clientele. 

Let’s see

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5 Trendy Ways to Promote Your App

19 Feb 2018

At present, around 2-million apps are available in different app stores, including Google Play Store and other App downloadable stores. Obviously, in such a condition, promoting one’s own original app requires proper app promotion strategy. There are fierce competitions all around and getting one’s app recognized is a tough challenge as well.

According to the reports, the most apps get good views through advertisements such as Google search ad or display ad or app installation ad.

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How To Use Your Website As A Branding Tool?

12 Feb 2018

Once an entrepreneur of Switzerland has launched his business, then it becomes imperative for him to develop a website for it. A website is the official mirror of an entrepreneur and his trade or business. A website gives a professional touch to the business making the same widely recognized across the globe.

The website promotes brand awareness alongside building brand equity too. In the current scenario, more or less, 75% of company owners do have an official website displaying their product range along with descriptions as well.


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Top 7 Real World Applications of Internet of Things

06 Feb 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the buzzword now. It is gaining worldwide exposure and fame for its utility. It involves a wider variety of devices ranging from smart homes to wearables and other items. With each passing year, IoT is becoming an integral part of us. Now most of us want to operate daily appliances that could be connected to the internet.

Electronic wristwatches or smartwatches and traffic lights are kinds of IoT that will get a massive exposure in the next few years. The use of IoT in daily lives is

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E-Commerce Site: Which CMS Platform Should You Choose?

28 Jan 2018

The E-Commerce Industry is on the verge of expanding as the year 2018 is going to witness 50% growth of the digital buyers. The number of online buyers in Switzerland and across the world is growing extensively so it becomes important to possess responsive websites. E-commerce companies must seek the support, functionality, extensions, cost of development and maintenance of the website. They must choose best functional CMS platform wisely so that they do not have to face any difficulty. Let us now have a look at some of the popular

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Simple Steps To Develop Professional Hotel Website | Website Development Company Switzerland | Wordpress Website Development Company Switzerland | Website Development Agency Switzerland | Wordpress developer in Switzerland

Develop Professional Hotel Website Using Wordpress

23 Jan 2018

WordPress is one of the most trusted and reliable platform to develop a Professional Hotel Website on your own. This CMS provides many themes and plugins to design an attractive website for your Hospitality Business. People who want the websites according to their preference can take the services from experienced wordpress developers. They can build custom wordpress website from scratch to fit your need. Here are five steps that will teach the person how to build a great functional website on their own.


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Key Trends to Consider While Developing Mobile Apps

16 Jan 2018

Mobile apps have become very popular with a large number of people all over the world using a Smartphone in their daily life. Apps of all types and subjects are available for download by the mobile users. The app developers have made advancements to develop new apps with a high innovation, creativity, and excellence. There is an increased competition among the mobile app developers of Switzerland as well as across the world as people rely on their

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Smart Insight Into Top Social Media Marketing Changes in 2018 | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Marketing Agency Switzerland | Social Media Marketing Company Switzerland

Smart Insight Into Top Social Media Marketing Changes in 2018

08 Jan 2018

The online business houses are escalating their investments in Social Media Marketing because of its increased usage in the present times. Some Popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. continuously carry out the updates. This makes compulsory for the marketers to keep abreast with the latest developments in the Social Media. As predicted the expenditure on Social Media Marketing would increase beyond $35 billion. Here is the list of some of the social

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Improve Security and Customer Service using Data Analytics

28 Dec 2017

Many organizations across the globe collect customer data in order to know about their preferences and expectations from the business houses. It helps the companies to improve their customer service. Data Analytics is widely used in this area in order to maintain the long-lasting relationship with the company’s customers.

This helps in building the customer loyalty. With the collection of data from a large number of audiences, there comes the responsibility to secure it. The Big Data Analytics

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Relative Facts to Secure Your Website from being Hacked

20 Dec 2017

Online businesses always face the problem of being broken into their sites and stolen data by the hackers. This makes their work stressful and leads to loss of the data most of the times. For this, one needs to seek the proper information or work out the problems with their website developers and designers of Switzerland to prevent hacking.

The hackers mainly hijack one’s site because of following reasons:

  • Injecting their content
  • To gain
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Wordpress designing company in Switzerland | web development agency | Website designing firm in Switzerland

Réussir une stratégie marketing B2B

03 Dec 2017

Aujourd’hui, tout le monde est d'accord sur un point. L'impact des réseaux sociaux est indispensable pour mener correctement une stratégie marketing en B2C (business to customer). Mais beaucoup se demandent encore s'il est intéressant pour une entreprise de développer une communication social media en B2B (business to business). La réponse est oui ! Aujourd'hui, les réseaux sociaux sont un levier de communication marketing formidables même dans un cadre B2B.


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5 bonnes raisons d'utiliser Wordpress

01 Dec 2017

Wordpress est le CMS (content Management system) le plus utilisé au monde. Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, ce ne sont pas moins de 75 millions de sites internet qui ont été construits avec Wordpress et on estime qu'environ 20 % des sites tourneraient actuellement avec ce CMS.

Nous allons vous expliquer pourquoi une grande majorité de webmasters choisissent Wordpress pour déployer leur site internet.

1. Wordpress est simple à utiliser

Depuis sa sortie en 2003,

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Tips to Boost Your Website Speed

30 Nov 2017

Websites are an important way of attracting the online consumers in order to make them aware of one’s brand. If the website does not load in less than three seconds then one can lose their consumers. The average size of the websites grew to nearly 32% in the last few years. With the bigger websites, it is estimated that the loading time can reach two seconds too. For this, the Website Development companies of Switzerland have

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WordPress Websites OR Custom-Built Websites?

28 Nov 2017

A remarkable website makes a great impression on the visitors & it helps in the growth of the business. The internet users like the aesthetically appealing, the sites with quick loading time and the brands offering special offers. With the advancements in the technology and the availability of open source platforms, it becomes difficult to choose the templates.

Most of the companies are not able to decide whether they want to choose the Customized websites or the WordPress websites. There are few points that the companies have to

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Top Programming Languages for Web Development

25 Nov 2017

The aesthetically appealing and attractive websites catch the eyes of visitors. Mostly, the business should possess the functional websites with less loading time. The advanced web development techniques help in the creation of the mobile apps, websites, and other related platforms.

Web development involves constant upgrading of the site. So it requires the developer to use top languages for coding them. But a web developer needs to choose the coding language based these factors: server platform and software, budget

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Wordpress designing company in Switzerland | web development agency | Website designing firm in Switzerland

Attractive Looks or Security: What is Important for a Website?

23 Nov 2017

Websites are an important part of the business so they need to look appealing in order to engage the audiences. On the other hand, the security of the website is also a paramount thing. However, in today’s challenging environment and changing technology the security and the attractiveness of the site matter the most. If the decision is to be judged on the first impression, then the great visual design is mandatory.

Why is Website Security Important?

Website security is significant

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Essential Basics to Kick-Start the Internet Marketing

30 Oct 2017

Internet Marketing in Switzerland is a booming business nowadays as every company wants to reach out to global consumers. The start-ups and the small-sized businesses look out for the ways to make the potential users to visit the company's website. This is possible only through the Internet marketing. The owners should learn the proper online marketing strategies in order to increase their business. For this, the person can learn the basics from the qualified professionals who have years of experience in internet marketing and can look out for

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Worst website development ideas | Online Marketing Agency in Switzerland | Web developer

The worst advice heard about Website Development

28 Oct 2017

The digital world is booming presently, and the companies need to take serious note to have their online market presence. For this, it is compulsory to have a seamless website that will provide a good market growth to the business owner. However, many developers misguide the company owners about possessing of the website for their online business promotion. This hampers the growth of the business and reduces its functional growth. Even consumers do not come to know about the online

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Portal Development | Portal Developer in Switzerland | Online Marketing Service Provider | Website Development company in Switzerland

In house team or out sourcing the Portal Development Project?

26 Oct 2017

Most of the big companies nowadays have diligent and experienced in-house teams that are skilled enough to carry out works related to their field. However, few things need specialization and one may not have people with such potential to carry out the portal development work. The small and mid-sized companies are mostly left in the lurch, as they cannot afford experts from nearly every field. In this situation, the outsourcing of the work seems the most effective solution to them in comparison to the in-house development of the

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Online Marketing Company in Switzerland | Tools for finding keywords | Digital markeying

5 Tools to find the most relevant keywords for your business

22 Oct 2017

The online business recognition has become a necessary part of promoting one’s company so that the people can come to know about the products and services sold by the seller. For this, it is important to generate the traffic to the website. The right consumer traffic can be generated according to business need only through the best keyword research tool. This will help in the listing of the company on the first page of Google Search Result and reach out to global consumers. Here are top five tools that

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Do we all really need a virtual assistant?

26 May 2017

AI and in particular its usage for providing virtual assistant services to any given workers is one of trendiest topic today. This revolution is being compared to industrial revolution in the 1900s and could ultimately have the same impact on workers’ productivity. Whether people are afraid it shall turn “traditional workforce” obsolete or simply intrigue by its huge potential, everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter. Well, we’re still far away from being able to tan on the beach while our virtual assistants would

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Attachment a poetic machine connected to a website

24 Jan 2017

Last year, our Designer and Art Director, David Colombini, finished the new version of "Attachment" his personal artistic project at the Royal College of Art in London together with product designer Thomas Grogan.

Attachment is a poetic machine which allows people to send digital messages, images, or videos into the air by attaching them to biodegradable balloons.
This fully automatic machine gives physical form to the digital messages you can send via the website. First, it engraves your message onto

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Is Digital Reading changing our Brains?

11 Jan 2017

The short answer is yes. Digital Reading refers to reading of contexts which are not in hardcopy. This includes blogs, e-newspapers, news, digital libraries, ebooks, messages and many more. With the advent of technology, we are shifting from the classical reading to Digital Reading at a very fast pace. Over the past years there has been a dramatic increase in the online reading platforms. Today we read news from online newspapers; we read ebooks and use digital libraries etc on the internet. Earlier we didn’t have such a surplus information

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How to fix "fake news" for good? Web scrapping!

20 Dec 2016

We live in a world where we consume bite sized news and believe everything on the Internet that is “trending” and widely shared. Fake news (can we still call it news then?)  has been a hot topic globally in the past few months with notably Facebook’s scandals making the headlines. This major issue is impacting the business world but also now politics.  
So how can we discern fake to real news when even the most complex algorithms built by the biggest tech companies in the world aren’t capable of? Maybe

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Using Wordpress? Make sure you read this

29 Nov 2016

WordPress is the most popular and targeted content management system. According to statistics From 40,000+ WordPress Websites in Alexa Top 1 Million, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Below are some of the super-simple steps we take everytime we deploy a Wordpress installation, to make sure its safe!

  1. Keep your WordPress version up to date:  The developers at WordPress are working very hard to fix security issues, and keeping your site updated with the latest
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Losing faith in humanity with latest news? Try Oculus, try VR!

15 Nov 2016

Today feels like Christmas. We finally got our hands on our much-awaited Oculus Rift. Here’s our first review of it.
First, let's start briefly with our desktop (don't dare trying to run the rift with a laptop!) specifications we are using for this test:

  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800K
  • Memory: 32GB Quad Channel DDR4 2133MHz (8GB x 4)
  • Video: NVDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X

The Setup 

The Oculus Rift looks prodigious

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A thought about Green web

02 Nov 2016

Thanks in part to fantasies marketed through terms like "the cloud" , most people perceive the huge quantity of bits required to fuel our digital lifestyles as immaterial. In fact, they consume an ever-growing physical space and eat up a massive amount of energy. According to Mark.P Mills, the internet will soon be responsible for nearly 1 billion tonnes of CO2 or 10% of global electricity

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DDOS Attack - How do I secure my computer ?

27 Oct 2016
We have all been hearing about the DDOS attack that took the internet world by storm. Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Shopify, Box, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Airbnb and Redditare some of the companies that were affected. What is even more alarming is that the hackers used devices and computers that we use on a daily basis to enable the attack at such a large scale. Webcams and security cams were hacked into, and used without permission. As internet users, it becomes our responsibility to use the internet safely, and prevent such attacks.
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Facebook vs Google Ads - which is better for you?

19 Oct 2016

When we talk of paid online advertising, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are the 2 mediums that come to mind. Both offer you the ability to pay to reach a targeted audience, and you are charged when someone engages on your ad. People are now allotting as much as 30% of their total advertising budget for online advertising, with small firms doing digital marketing exclusively to promote themselves. So how do you decide which one is good for your business?

With Google Adwords, you are targeting the section of people who are actively looking

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Can artificial intelligence improve online shopping experience?

12 Oct 2016

The short answer is yes. The more relevant question is how. Let's tackle this question in an unconventional way, focusing on the customers instead of the retailers for now. We all experienced, while shopping online, struggling finding the right key words in order to optimise the results. Indeed, nobody likes going through pages and pages of irrelevant results. Shopping is for most people a visual experience.

Deep learning has had plenty success in applied AI in recent years, classifying images (Pinterest's style) to enhance customers

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Making Sense of Data

29 Sep 2016

The world moves on data! A decade ago, 10 MB was a lot of data. Now, hard disks are 10 TB! Studies suggest that we shall soon be generating more data than existing scales of TB, PB (Petabyte), EB (Exabyte), ZB (Zettabyte) or YB (Yottabyte) can even measure. Can you imagine the how large Google’s hard drives must be?
So, what are we doing with this “Big Data”? We are analysing, researching and building Business Intelligence to deliver better experiences. But for this we need meaningful data - information that

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The power of video as marketing tool

21 Sep 2016

Using video as a marketing tool can make the difference when it comes to presenting your business or ideas. It especially becomes a powerful tool when you need to explain in a short and creative way your new project, app or service.

Indeed, a video has the advantage of movement, providing the possibility to mix a bunch of different techniques and render (3D, 2D, animation, infographics, film footage etc) while being easily shareable across the world using the power of social media.
Also, let's be honest, it looks much cooler

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Apple facing an innovator dilemma?

15 Sep 2016

Yes, the new iPhone7 is out! Will it change the face of the world or at least of the smartphone industry? Probably not. Apple's two-hour keynote used to be THE event of year for tech-enthusiasts. This year, it didn't make the Wall Street Journal's cover page and BBC didn't even mention it on its daily news show. But why is all the hype gone? First of all, nearly every single feature of the latest iPhone had leaked, sometimes months in advance. Second, those features (waterproofing, stereo speakers, dual cameras with optical zoom, wireless

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The trend of flat design in the age of web applications and mobile apps

07 Sep 2016

As pointed out in a recent article by Deezen, famous brands are updating their previously complicated logos to flat designs, to get rid of the old fashioned "drop shadow".

What does Flat design exactly mean? It is a minimalist UI design style used in various graphical user interfaces, with the added feature of the illusion of three dimensions.
Flat designs are fast emerging and most of the recently

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Track your Sales and Field Staff

01 Sep 2016
As technical providers, a lot of organizations approach us with a major challenge: tracking of sales and field staff. As the team grows, planning each salesperson's route and ensuring they stick to their defined route becomes a tedious task. For people who are on the field, monitoring their login and logout time becomes a challenge.

A simple solution to this is providing each member of the team with a mobile application that defines his route for the day, and tracks whether the route is being followed or not. All he needs to do is
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Facebook to use 360 Photos and videos to promote business

24 Aug 2016
Facebook is the firm believer in the future of Virtual Reality. This was first evident when the Social Media Giant bought Oculus. It has thereafter been engaged in employing Virtual Reality (VR) on its platform. 360 degree photos and videos can be viewed from a 360-degree angle, creating a truly immersive experience. It therefore puts users at the center of all the action. With the latest VR technology Facebook hopes to unlock new perspectives and immersive storytelling for everybody.

All you need to take is a panorama image on your
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Building customer loyalty using technology

25 Jun 2016

We all know that building customer loyalty is very important. We need to get new customers, and make sure the older ones keep coming back. The most proven formula for building customer loyalty is providing great customer service. Along with great service, another way to increase loyalty is by rewarding your customer for coming back to you, incentivizing them for choosing you over your competitors. Offering cash back or redeemable reward points to your customers is one of the best ways to get them to keep coming back.

One of our clients

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Willkommen Jani

30 Mar 2016
We are excited to welcome Jani to the InSwiGo team as our German ambassador based in Berlin. Jani is an international tech entrepreneur who has founded multiple projects such as 4WiRD and StandIn. He is currently working for Rocket Internet in Berlin, Germany specializing in mobile marketing. He has great insight and knowledge of the start-up scenes in some of the world's main tech hubs including London, New York City and Berlin. Having graduated with a Ba (hons) in International Business, he finished off his studies writing a dissertation paper
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InSwiGo Care

01 Jan 2016

InSwiGo is very proud to offer the chance to non profit organisation to apply for a free website, app or simple IT consulting. Every year we select few projects and endorse them through our Inswigo Care program. Want to be the next one? To do so please contact us via email and let us how our help could change the face of your organisation and help you reach your goals.

Because a sustainable business model is the only way to do business today according to us, as inswigo customers you directly help us to fulfil our

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InSwiGo launches WeGuess

01 Jun 2015
We have launched our own first product: WeGuess. Because large groups of people are smarter than a few experts, WeGuess is proud to be the first and most accurate sport event guessing app based on crowd-sourcing. WeGuess is currently available on iOS and Android platforms.
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InSwiGo Awarded

27 Aug 2014
Inswigo's Indian division awarded fast emerging IT Service Provider in Eastern India.
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